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8 Ways to Make more Gold

Gold is a very important currency in Crusader Kings 3. Every ruler to be successful will need gold at some point, whether that is to buy titles, recruit men-at-arms, or paying for a mercenary army. Below are 8 ways to make more gold in Crusader Kings 3.

Collecting Taxes

The biggest money generator in Crusader Kings 3 is collecting taxes. As your realm grows you will start accumulating more taxes. By going to your Realm tab, green crown on the right side of your screen or using the keyboard shortcut F2, will give you the details on how much gold your domain is making.

Stay on the DOMAIN Tab from this screen. To get an exact breakdown of how much gold each of your Counties are producing put your cursor on the gold amount that is to the right of the holding name. Below is an example of what the breakdown looks like and what is influencing that number. There are a ton of ways to improve that such as creating new holdings, improving development in the holding, and events.

You can see how the taxes you are collecting from your Vassals by going to the VASSALS tab and seeing a similar breakdown. The factors for how much your Vassals are contributing vary from your own Holdings. The main differences that will affect you are religion, culture, traits and if you are their De Jure Liege. If you are not their De Jure Liege there is a significant penalty, so make sure to either create that title or go and take that title if possible.

Stewardship Skill

This skill is extremely important to have and the higher the count the better. This skill impacts not only the Domain Taxes that you are getting from your holdings, but also helps increase the Domain Limit. You will collect more taxes by owning the holdings in your County, than by taking only a portion from your Vassal. It also the bigger your realm compared to your Vassals the better chance of avoiding Independence Factions or other issues.

The Stewardship skill is not only important for the player ruler to have, but also for your spouse and for your Steward, a member of your small council, will help change this amount. The higher these numbers the better. You can also manage your spouse’s duties by either having them Assist Ruler (gives a small amount of contribution to all stats) or you can have your spouse focus on Manage Domain to focus on Stewardship solely.

Religious Holdings

The religious holdings work a little differently than everything else and will only provide gold and levies if your Religious Head has a positive opinion of you. To find out if you are endorsed by the Religious head of your court go to the Council tab on the right of your screen and it will be the person in the top right.

You will see if their opinion of you is positive with a green number in the bottom of their screen. If you want to see how much they are contributing hover your mouse over the icon on the right. You will only get contributions if positive, but only being a low positive number will only provide you a fractional amount of the total possible. Improve as close to 100 to get the full amount.

War – Sieges

War can be a very expense endeavor, but if you are on the right side of it you can make significant amounts of gold quickly to help combat the increased expenses or even make a good profit if it is a quick War. There are a number of ways to win War Score to reach 100% where you can Enforce Demands. Controlling enemy holdings is a great way to do so while earning gold.

To get to the view above to see how much loot there is in the holding click on the barony level holding you are going to siege and click on it. You will see the owner of this holding and then subsequent details around the holding itself such as tax, levies, supply limit, fort level and more. The two biggest items for you is to see loot amount and the garrisoned troops. The loot is how much gold you will win if you take control of the holding. The garrisoned troop count is the icon to the right of the castle icon (the number 400 in the image above).

War – Ransoming

Another way that Wars will help you earn money is by ransoming back captured characters. This can include anyone in the realm once you’ve won a siege or won a battle. You will only be able to capture characters who were located in the holding or in the army that you had just won against. Only VIP targets will go towards War Score, so just check the War Score before Ransoming them. The amounts start at 10 gold (if they are valuable to the defending ruler) and they go up to 200 gold. It is important to note that a ruler can only pay what they have, so this will not be effective if you are at War with someone who is in Debt.

PRO TIP: If you have more than 100% War Score (shows as 100% from the main screen) and you’ve captured the defending ruler you can ransom them back to themselves and then Enforce Demands. This is of course if removing the War Score from prisoners would leave you at 100%.

Improving Holdings

Each territory you control can be improved by creating new buildings / improvements for each holding. Click the territory holding you are looking to improve and you will either see a + icon or an icon of building that was already created. The + icons are empty spots where you can build improvements such as pastures, war camps or military camps. These improvements can provide you additional Tax, Levies and other advantages. The disadvantage is that they cost significant amounts of money starting at 100 gold (without potential perks to reduce costs). The plus side is that these improvements will pay you dividends in the long run. Each improvement has multiple upgrades that will become available when your culture unlocks new innovations.

Create a New Holding

Click on a territory and you will see in the middle left of the panel a few slots that will look like a castle tower, house, church or a spot that looks like a tipped over ]. This open bracket spot is where there are empty holdings that you can create. The options include Castle, City, Temple or Tribal options. These cost a lot more, but they will further improve your territories and can give you a new title (barony). They help maximize each territories output and are important in the long game. To learn more about how to Create a New Holding view the video below.

Demand Payment for Hooks

This method is only available from the Stewardship Lifestyle and is the first perk in the Avaricious tree. This allows you to any character you have a hook on pay you gold in exchange for the hook you have on them. There are no penalties or negative opinion effects of demanding payment for a hook and is valuable to get quick gold instead of modifying a feudal contract, especially if you already modified a vassals feudal contract. The hook will disappear once used.

There are a lot of other ways you can make money in Crusader Kings 3. There are ways to get money through events like getting married or your Steward was able to find additional money. Make sure to check us out for any help or information you need for everything Crusader Kings 3.