All Lifestyles and Perks in Crusader Kings III

In Crusader Kings III there are five different lifestyles. Each lifestyle has three different focuses to choose from, as well as three trait paths. Each trait path has nine individual traits.

Your character will choose one lifestyle focus at a time, and will unlock traits over time.

All lifestyles, lifestyle focuses, trait paths, traits and their perks are listed below.

CK3 Lifestyles, Focuses and Perks

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Diplomacy Lifestyle

Martial Lifestyle

Stewardship Lifestyle

Intrigue Lifestyle

Learning Lifestyle

Diplomacy Lifestyle

Diplomacy Focuses

Focus NameFocus Details
Foreign Affairs Focus+3 diplomacy
25 diplomacy experience per month
Majesty Focus+1 diplomacy
+1.0 prestige/month
25 diplomacy experience per month
Family Focus+2 diplomacy
+20% fertility
25 diplomacy experience per month

Diplomat Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Thoughtful+100% opinion from send giftNone
Ducal Conquest-20% title creation cost
You are able to use the ducal conquest casus belli
Adaptive Traditions+25% foreign affairs effectivenessThoughtful
Defensive Negotiations+15 fellow vassal opinion
+15 independent ruler opinion
Can propose one alliance without a marriage
Forced VassalageYou are able to use the forced vassalage casus belliThoughtful
Ducal Conquest
Flexible TrucesShorter truces and no prestige penalty for breaking themThoughtful
Adaptive Traditions
EmbassiesEach alliance grants +1 diplomacy skillThoughtful
Defensive Negotiations
Accomplished Forger+75% fabricate claim on county speedAll perks above
DiplomatYou can the diplomat trait:
+3 diplomacy
+20 independent ruler opinion
+25% personal scheme power
All perks above

August Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Benevolent Intent+30% sway scheme powerNone
Firm Hand+1% monthly prestige per dreadNone
Inspiring Rule+5% monthly prestige per powerful vassal on the councilBenevolent Intent
Praetorian Guard+2% monthly prestige per knightFirm Hand
True Ruler+25 offer vassalization acceptanceAll perks above
Writing HistoryYou can take the commission epic decision (A decision that lets a character trade gold for prestige, by commissioning a family epic).All perks above
A Life of Glory+100% level of fame impactAll perks above
Dignitas+1 diplomacy per level of fameAll perks above (minus A Life of Glory)
AugustYou gain the august trait:
+2 diplomacy
+1 martial
+1.0 prestige/month
All perks above

Family Hierarch Traits

Perk NamePerk TraitsPrerequisites
BefriendYou can use the befriend schemeNone
Groomed to RuleChildren receive 1-3 extra skill pointsNone
ConfidantsEach friend adds -5% stress gainBefriend
Heart of the Family+15 close family opinionGroomed to Rule
Flatterer+30% befriend scheme powerBefriend
Thicker than Water+25% personal scheme success chance against family membersGroomed to Rule
Heart of the Family
Friendly CounselEach friend relation gives 2 random skill pointsAll perks above
Sound FoundationsEach living child gives 1 random skill pointAll perks above
PatriarchYou gain the patriarch trait:
+20% fertility
+20% stress loss
+15 close family opinion
+10 house opinion
All perks above

Martial Lifestyle

Martial Focuses

Focus NameFocus Details
Strategy Focus+3 martial
32 martial experience per month
Authority Focus+1 martial
+20% dread gain
+0.3 control growth per month
32 martial experience per month
Chivalry Focus+3 prowess
+10 attraction opinion
+5 advantage
32 martial experience per month

Strategist Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Bellum Justum-50% casus belli costNone
Parthian Tactics+30% light cavalry toughness
+20% light cavalry pursuit
+30% heavy cavalry toughness
+20% heavy cavalry pursuit
+20% skirmisher damage
+10% skirmisher toughness
Bellum Justum
Organized March+15% movement speed
+5 heavy infantry screen
+5 spearmen screen
+5 archer screen
+5 skirmisher screen
Bellum Justum
Engineered for Destruction+25% naval speed
+40% siege weapon effectiveness
Bellum Justum
Envelopment+25% men-at-arms counter efficiencyBellum Justum
Parthian Tactics
Hit and Run-25% retreat losses
+15% heavy infantry damage
+15% heavy infantry toughness
+30% spearmen toughness
+30% archer damage
Bellum Justum
Organized March
Living Off the Land+25% raid speed
+200% supply capacity
Bellum Justum
Engineered for Destruction
Sappers+0.1 heavy infantry siege progress
+0.1 pikemen siege progress
+0.1 archer siege progress
+0.1 skirmisher siege progress
All perks above
StrategistYou gain the Strategist trait:
+1 Diplomacy
+3 Martial
+25% enemy fatal casualties
Cross water without advantage penalties
All perks above

Overseer Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Serve the Crown+15% natural dread
+0.3/month control growth
A Man’s Home+5 controlled territory defender advantageServe the Crown
Strict Organization+20% increase control in county progress gainServe the Crown
Enduring Hardships+1 fort level
Enemy occupations do not lower control
Serve the Crown
A Man’s Home
Hard Rule+20% dread gain
+50% siege progress against revolts
+20 faction military power threshold for vassals
Serve the Crown
Strict Organization
Prepared Conscription-15% army maintenance
+100% friendly territory levy reinforcement rate
Serve the Crown
A Man’s Home
Enduring Hardships
Soldiers of Lesser Fortune-30% mercenary hire costServe the Crown
Strict Organization
Hard Rule
Absolute ControlEnables absolute control for countiesAll perks above
OverseerYou gain the overseer trait:
+2 martial
+2 stewardship
+50% control growth factor
All perks above

Gallant Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Stalwart Leader+4 prowess
Reduces the risks of commanding armies
Courtship+30% romance scheme power
+30% elope scheme power
+30% romance scheme success chance
+30% elope scheme success chance
Stalwart Leader
Chivalric Dominance+75% knight effectivenessStalwart Leader
Promising Prospects+50 marriage acceptance of yourself
+25 marriage acceptance for your close family
+25 marriage acceptance for your extended family
Stalwart Leader
Never Back Down-20% friendly fatal casualties
+5 advantage
Stalwart Leader
Chivalric Dominance
Loyalty and Respect+50 spouse opinion
+25% skills from spouse councillor tasks
Stalwart Leader
Promising Prospects
Kingsguard+4 number of knightsStalwart Leader
Chivalric Dominance
Never Back Down
Peacemaker+10 peace acceptanceAll perks above
GallantYou gain the gallant trait:
+2 martial
+4 prowess
+20% monthly prestige
+20 attraction opinion
All perks above

Stewardship Lifestyle

Stewardship Focuses

Focus NameFocus Details
Wealth Focus+10% monthly income
25 stewardship experience per month
Domain Focus+3 stewardship
25 stewardship experience per month
Duty Focus=5 enemy agent acceptance
+1 stewardship
+20 courtier and guest opinion
25 stewardship experience per month

Avaricious Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Golden ObligationsYou can demand payment for hooksNone
Heregeld+10% vassal tax contributionGolden Obligations
War Profiteer+10% monthly income while at warGolden Obligations
It Is MY DomainCan use the extort subjects decision (A decision offering different opportunities to demand extra gold from subjects, at a different cost…)Golden Obligations
Detailed Ledgers+20 republican ruler opinion
+15% republican vassal tax contribution
Golden Obligations
Fearful Troops-0.5% men-at-arms maintenance per dreadGolden Obligations
War Profiteer
Golden Aplomb+10% monthly income per stress levelGolden Obligations
It Is MY Domain
At Any CostCan use the sell titles decision (A decision allowing for the sale of minor titles, grants gold in exchange for prestige)All Perks Above
AvariciousYou gain the avaricious trait:
+2 stewardship
+15% holding taxes
All Perks Above

Architect Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Tax Man+25% collect taxes effectivenessNone
Cutting Cornerstones-5% building construction gold cost
-5% building construction piety cost
-5% building construction prestige cost
-5% holding construction gold cost
-5% holding construction piety cost
-5% holding construction prestige cost
Defensive Measures+1 fort level
+20% garrison size
Tax Man
Professional Workforce-30% building construction time
-30% holding construction time
Cutting Cornerstones
Organized Muster Rolls+100% levy reinforcement rateTax Man
Defensive Measures
Centralization+0.3/month development growth in realm capitalCutting Cornerstones
Professional Workforce
Popular Figurehead+50 popular opinionAll Perks Above
Divided Attention+2 domain limitAll Perks Above
ArchitectYou gain the architect trait:
+2 stewardship
-15% building construction time
-10% building construction gold cost
-15% holding construction time
-10% holding construction gold cost
All Perks Above

Administrator Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
MeritocracyYou can use claim throne against your liegeNone
Chains of Loyalty+25% domestic affairs efficiencyMeritocracy
Large Levies+20% vassal levy contributionMeritocracy
Likable+10 direct vassal opinion
+20 liege opinion
Chains of Loyalty
Soon Forgiven-0.15 monthly tyrannyMeritocracy
Large Levies
Positions of Power+20 councillor opinionMeritocracy
Chains of Loyalty
Toe the LineYour vassals are less likely to join independence factionsMeritocracy
Large Levies
Soon Forgiven
Honored to Serve+20% powerful vassal councillor tax contribution
+20% powerful vassal councillor levy contribution
All Perks Above
AdministratorYou gain the administrator trait:
+1 diplomacy
+3 stewardship
+5 vassal opinion
All Perks Above

Intrigue Lifestyle

Intrigue Focuses

Focus NameFocus Details
Skulduggery Focus+10 agent acceptance
+3 intrigue
25 intrigue experience per month
Temptation Focus+20% fertility
+10 attraction opinion
+20% seduction scheme power
25 intrigue experience per month
Intimidation Focus+2 intrigue
+30 natural dread
25 intrigue experience per month

Schemer Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Truth is RelativeEnables the fabricate hook scheme
Find secrets may also fabricate hooks
Digging for Dirt+25% find secrets progress speedTruth is Relative
Court of Shadows+50% disrupt schemes effectivenessTruth is Relative
Swift Execution+30% murder scheme powerTruth is Relative
KidnapperEnables the abduction schemeTruth is Relative
Digging for Dirt
Prepared for Anything-25 enemy hostile scheme success chance
-10 enemy hostile scheme success chance against your courtiers
Truth is Relative
Court of Shadows
A Job Done Right+25 hostile scheme success chanceTruth is Relative
Swift Execution
Twice Schemed+1 max hostile schemesAll Perks Above
Schemer+5 intrigue
+25% hostile scheme power
All Perks Above

Seducer Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Like Weeds in a Garden+30% fertilityNone
Enticing Opportunity+30% seduction scheme powerNone
Unshackled LustRemoves your attraction penalties in seduction schemesLike Weeds in a Garden
Home Advantage+50% seduction scheme success chance against own courtiers and guestsEnticing Opportunity
Subtle DesireRemoves the tier difference penalty from your seduction schemes.
Removes the incestuous penalty from your seduction schemes targeting adults over the age of 19.
Like Weeds in a Garden
Unshackled Lust
Graceful RecoveryYou can no longer critically fail seduction schemesEnticing Opportunity
Home Advantage
Mortal AdorationYour lovers are less likely to join murder schemes against you. Lovers are more likely to save you in case of attempted murders.Like Weeds in a Garden
Unshackled Lust
Subtle Desire
Smooth Operator+25% seduction scheme success chanceEnticing Opportunity
Home Advantage
Graceful Recovery
SeducerYou gain the seducer trait:
+3 intrigue
+20% fertility
+40 attraction opinion
All Perks Above

Torturer Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Dark InsightsWhen you torture someone:
+50% chance to gain either 1 intrigue or 1 prowess (max 5 each)
Dreadful+30% dread gainNone
Divine RetributionYou do not lose piety or clergy opinion from torturing or executing othersDark Insights
Thriving in Chaos+4 martial per stress level
+4 intrigue per stress level
+6 prowess per stress level
Malice Implicit+0.5 dread gain per tyrannyAll Perks Above
Fear Tax+15% intimidated vassal tax contribution
+30% terrified vassal tax contribution
+15% intimidated vassal levy contribution
+30% terrified vassal levy contribution
All Perks Above
Forever Infamous-1000% dread decayAll Perks Above
Prison-Feudal Complex+50% imprison chanceAll Perks Above (Minus Forever Infamous)
TorturerYou gain the torturer trait:
+4 prowess
+50% dread gain
+25% hostile scheme resistance
+10% levy size
All Perks Above

Learning Lifestyle

Learning Focuses

Focus NameFocus Details
Medicine Focus+1 learning
Small health boost
25 learningn experience per month
Scholarship Focus+3 learning
+15% development growth per month
Theology Focus+1 learning
+1.0 piety per month
25 learning experience per month

Whole of Body Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Anatomical StudiesCourt physicians cost less to hire
Court physician treatments have better outcomes
Carefree-20% stress gainAnatomical Studies
RestraintYou can take the embrace celibacy and abandon celibacy decisionsAnatomical Studies
Wash Your HandsReduced chance of contracting illnesses
Reduced chance for courtiers to contract illnesses
Anatomical Studies
Mental Resilience+3 years time between mental breaksAnatomical Studies
Know ThyselfWhen death of natural causes is 1 year away, you will receive a warningAnatomical Studies
Iron Constitution+30% disease resistance (fertility)
Massive boost to disease resistance (health)
Anatomical Studies
Wash Your Hands
HealthyMedium boost to healthAll Perks Above
Whole of BodyYou gain the whole of body trait:
+20% fertility
Medium boost to health
-20% stress gain
All Perks Above

Scholar Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
PedagogyYour wards can get additional skills, and can become your friendsNone
Scientific+35% cultural fascination progressNone
Open-Minded+15 different culture opinion
Ignore negative culture opinion
Planned Cultivation+20% increase development in county efficiencyScientific
Apostate+15 different faith opinion
-75% faith conversion cost
Scholarly Circles+2 learning per level of devotionScientific
Planned Cultivation
Learn on the Job20% of councillors’ primary skills added to your ownAll Perks Above
Sanctioned LoopholesYou can use the buy claim interactionAll Perks Above
Scholar+5 learning
+10 hostile scheme success chance
+10 personal scheme success chance
+15%/month development growth
All Perks Above

Theologian Traits

Perk NamePerk DetailsPrerequisites
Faithful+10 Clergy opinionNone
Zealous Proselytizer+25% convert faith in county progress speedFaithful
Clerical Justifications+20% religious relations efficiencyFaithful
Religious IconConvert faith in county: The time it takes to convert a county is no longer increased if that faith has higher fervor than your faithFaithful
Zealous Proselytizer
Church and State+50 realm priest opinionFaithful
Clerical Justifications
Prophet+1% monthly piety per knight
-50% faith creation and reformation cost
Zealous Proselytizer
Religious Icon
Radiant+100% level of devotion impactFaithful
Clerical Justifications
Church and State
Defender of the Faith+1 diplomacy per level of devotion
+20% monthly piety
All Perks Above
TheologianYou gain the theologian trait:
+3 learning
+20% monthly piety
All Perks Above