All Legacies and Bonuses for Your Dynasty in CK3

In Crusader Kings III, you can use the renown you earn for two purposes: Legacies and Dynast. Legacies offer you a longer-term gain, but they can be powerful when built up or combined properly.

Below are all the legacies available in CK3, the bonuses they offer, and the renown cost.

All CK3 Legacies and Bonuses

Warfare Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
House of Warriors+2 Prowess skill for every dynasty member
+15% increased effectiveness of knights for landed members
Generational Belligerence-20% cost to go to war2,000
Squire Traditions+10% Martial lifestyle experience for every dynasty member3,000
Inherited Tactics+5 Advantage for dynasty members while leading armies4,000
Private ArmyUnlocks an additional slot for Men-at-Arms5,000

Law Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
Mostly Fair+5 popular opinion in your domain1,000
Faithful Magistrates+0.2/month passive control growth in your entire domain2,000
Power and Prosperity+10% Stewardship lifestyle experience3,000
Delegated Authority+5 opinion from your Powerful vassal4,000
Home Estates+1 Domain Limit5,000

Guile Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
Ominous Reputation+20% Dread gain1,000
Long Reach+10% Hostile Scheme Success Chance for your dynasty2,000
Natural Schemers+10% Intrigue lifestyle experience3,000
Venial+20% Tyranny decay speed4,000
Family ConnectionsEach dynasty member gets major chance at
avoiding one successful murder scheme against them

Blood Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
Noble Veins+30% chance of inheriting good congenital traits
+30% chance new good genetic traits randomly appear
Convergent Blood+30% chance of reinforcing genetic traits2,000
Resilient Bloodline-30% chance new bad genetic traits randomly appear
or propagate
Architected AncestrySelect one of the following traits to occur more commonly in Dynasty:
– Beauty (Tier 1)
– Physique (Tier 1)
– Intelligence (Tier 1)
– Fecund (+50% fertility)
– Giant
– Dwarf
– Scaly
– Albino
Octogenarians+5 years Life Expectancy
+5 years of childbearing

Erudition Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
Vibrant Court+10 Court and Guest Opinion
Court attracts improved guests
Ordained Rulership+10% Piety gain2,000
Treasured Knowledge+10% Learning lifestyle experience3,000
True BelieversFaith with clergy: +5 Clergy opinion
Faith without clergy: +3 opinion for character of your faith
Bureaucrats+10% base progress and impact of Councillor skill on Council tasks5,000

Glory Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
Desirable Match+30 marriage acceptance1,000
Renowned Name+10% Prestige gain2,000
Earning Respect+10% diplomacy lifestyle experience3,000
Assertive Rulers-20% Short Reign penalty4,000
Righteousness+10 general public opinion5,000

Kin Legacy

Legacy Step NameBonusesRenown Cost
Bounteous Loins+10% fertility for entire dynasty1,000
Studious YouthIncreases likelihood for dynasty members to get good Education traits2,000
Constant Care+10 spousal opinion
Decreased chances of pregnancy complications
Close Bonds+5 dynasty opinion bonus4,000
Graceful AgingDynasty members do not lose prowess with age
Dynasty members get chance to randomly gain skills when aging

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