Abrahamic Religions

Abrahamic Religions are religions that claim descent from the Judaism of the ancient Israelites and the worship of the God of Abraham. The Abrahamic religions are monotheistic, with the term deriving from the patriarch Abraham. The three Abrahamic religions trace their origins to the first two sons of Abraham. Here is a list of the Abrahamic Religions in Crusader Kings 3


Focused on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Christianity revolves around the concept of salvation, in which adherents are forgiven for their sins and welcomed by God into the afterlife.


Islam is the final revelation of the Abrahamic faith, guided by the word of God, as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It focuses on living a good life in servitude to the one and only merciful God.


A good life is lived in accordance with the covenant entered between the Hebrew people and the unique and absolute God.


Dualism most commonly is the belief that there are two fundamental forces which exist in direct opposition to each other; a benevolent spiritual force that gave birth to the human soul, and a malevolent material force that created the human body.

Miletê Tawûsê Melek

The eternal god created the universe and his seven angels. First among them is Melek Taus, whom god gave stewardship of the world.