List of Schemes in CK3

There are 10 separate schemes your character can execute in Crusader Kings III. Schemes are broken down into two types: Hostile and Personal. All characters can run one scheme of each type at a time, and schemes can be cancelled at any time.

Most schemes are used to alter your relationship with another character, for the positive or negative. Hostile schemes are generally more powerful than personal schemes, but they also come with more risk.

Hostile Schemes

Scheme NameDescriptionPositive ResultRequirements
Abduction SchemeAttempt to kidnap and imprison an enemy.Target is imprisoned.Kidnapper perk
Claim Throne SchemeClaim the throne of a desired title.Gain a pressed claim on the target’s primary title.Meritocracy
Fabricate HookEmploy underhanded means to create a hook out of nothing.Gain a hook on the target.Truth is Relative perk
Murder SchemeMake an attempt on the life of an enemy.Target is killed.None

Personal Schemes

Scheme NameDescriptionPositive ResultSuccess FactorsRequirements
Befriend SchemeWith care and attention, try to have a friendship flourish with someone.Target becomes a friend (opinion is drastically improved).– Diplomacy skill
– Rank difference
– Diplomacy education trait
– Target opinion
– Trait compatibility
Befriend perk
Convert to Witchcraft SchemeLead a target down the true path and show them the extent of this power.Target is converted to witchcraft.– Intrigue skill
– Religion of target
Witch trait
Elope SchemeBring your true love to your court and marry them.The target joins your court and marries you.– Intrigue skill
– Target intrigue skill
– Target liege’s intrigue skill
– Importance of target
Soulmate relationship
Romance SchemeDeclare undying love for someone and attempt to win their heart through noble acts of chivalry.Gain prestige and target may become a soulmate.– Target opinion
– Trait compatibility
– Whether the target is your spouse
Correct sexuality of target
Seduction SchemeUsing sweet words and sweeter gestures, aim to win the affection of someone.Target becomes your lover.– Target opinion
– Target compatibility
– (If married) target’s opinion of their spouse
Sway SchemeAttempt to make a target understand you, and perhaps even like you.Target gains +25 opinion of you.– Diplomacy skill
– Rank difference
– Whether the target is from a different realm

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