How to Choose a Spouse – Until Death Do Us Part

Choosing a Spouse is a very important part of Crusader King III and being successful in your rule. Without a spouse your reign will be short. By choosing a spouse you will not only help increase your odds for a player heir, unless your spouse cannot have children. Below is a video walking you through choosing your spouse and unlocking the achievementUntil Death Do Us Part

In case you aren’t in a place to watch the video above below is a detailed walkthrough of how to choose a spouse and what to look for when choosing one.

Step One

Choosing a spouse is one of the first things you should do from the start of a New Game if your character does not have one already. Start by by clicking on your character’s image in the bottom left of the screen and open up the player window. Right click on your character and an option under Diplomacy will allow you to Find Spouse click that.

Step Two

A new window will pop up showing you a list of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes to choose from. The main things to take note of are Matrlineal box above the character choices will make any children fall under the women’s lineage. This will change the potential that the marriage will be accepted. The images next to the characters shows age, house, character traits, religion, and ethnicity. This along with the characters overall skill traits will allow you to choose the best match for you. Feel free to play around with the sort type, as it may be better to see what type of alliance’s you can make or maybe you want to have a ton of children and need a young wife/husband. Once you’ve found a character you’d like to be your spouse go ahead and click them.

Step Three

Once you’ve selected the character to become married/betrothed to, this new window will pop up showing you, the character recipient to become your spouse and a small window above them if they have a liege. Below the characters it will show which House the children will be born into and the chance of children. This very important as you don’t want to have a chance of having children as low or none, that makes it very hard to continue the legacy.

Below the chance for children shows any inheritable traits that your children will inherit. After that it shows the prestige that both your character and the recipient will receive from the marriage. Prestige is a very important currency for building armies, making decisions and growing your realm.

The last three items are the Alliances you will be making with the marriage. This is very important as you can spend prestige and gold to bring Alliances into your wars. The other two parts of the window are boxes you can check before you choose to send proposal. The Matrilineal Marriage makes all children born to the woman’s house and Using a Hook is only available if you have a hook against the player or the liege and only necessary if the proposal will not be accepted which is defined by the score at the bottom.

Click the send proposal once you know it will be accepted and you will get a response as soon as you unpause the game like the one below.