Bad Blood Achievement Walkthrough

The Bad Blood Achievement is worth 15 gamerscore for Windows 10 and is a relatively easy achievement to get if you follow the video or text guide below. The achievement requires you to “Go to war with one of your siblings over a Claim” The video will provide you the same steps as the text below, but just in case you are not in a place to watch skip past the video and read through the steps to unlocking the Bad Blood achievement.

Step 1

Once you load up the game go to New Game and select the year 867 and click the “Play as any ruler in 867 in the bottom left of the screen. See below:

Step 2

Now you will need to go Italy and select the ruler King Louis II ‘the Younger’ of Italy age 32 when the screen switches to the live map. Before moving on make sure that you have went into the Game Rules section and Enabled Ironman and the difficulty is Normal or above.

Step 3

The game will start up and you will need to click your character in the bottom left side of the screen. Once you’ve done this will open up the character’s profile/menu. Here is the fastest way to find who you are looking for which is your brother King Lothaire II of Lotharingia and should be the middle character on the siblings section. Now right-click on the character to interact and choose Declare War.

Step 4

If you’ve followed everything correctly you are at the last step and the Declare War screen is up for you to Choose a Casus Belli to use against King Lothaire II of Lotharingia. There are two options for claims you can use. The only one we can afford is Your Claims, which costs 50 renown and we have 150 to start the game. Choose Declare War and unpause the game to unlock the Bad Blood Achievement.