Character Sexual Orientation

All character’s will have one of four sexual orientations. A character’s sexual orientation determines with which gender they will gain attraction opinion and can form lover relations. It is decided when the character is still a child between the ages of 10 and 13 and cannot be changed. If the playable Ruler is still a child you will receive an event called Budding Attraction and it will either determine your Sexual Orientation or let you choose. The option to let you choose is roughly 20% chance that this will occur.

AI characters will never try to form a relation with characters that do not match their Sexual Orientation. Both the initial distribution of Sexual Orientation and the chance for children to gain a certain Sexual Orientation is determined by the sexuality distribution game rule.

Male IconFemale IconPreferenceCan form lover relations and have attraction opinion with
Heterosexual.pngHeterosexual.pngHeterosexualCharacters of the opposite gender
Homosexual male.pngHomosexual female.pngHomosexualCharacters of the same gender
Bisexual male.pngBisexual female.pngBisexualCharacters of either gender / Everyone