Ducal Conquest Casus Belli

The Ducal Conquest of County Casus Belli is available to those who have the Ducal Conquest perk which is part of the Diplomacy Lifestyle. You will need to have previously unlocked Thoughtful perk in the same tree to unlock this. Once Ducal Conquest is unlocked it will provide two new benefits for your Ruler.

  1. -20% Gold cost for title creation (Example 300 Gold for a title will now cost you 240)
  2. You are able to use the Ducal Conquest of County Casus Belli

The first benefit is extremely great for quickly unlocking titles that have not been created. In a recent playthrough of Duarama Daura (working towards the Mother of us All achievement) I was able to use this perk, along with a few others, to move from only having County titles to start to unlocking the Empire title for Kanem-Bornu before taking over as her heir. Without the discounted title creation cost this would not have been possible for me.

The second benefit is the Ducal Conquest of County Casus Belli. It is a Casus Belli that you will receive if you have 51% of the Counties in a Duchy that has not yet been created. With the perk unlocked you won’t have to Fabricate a County Claim with your Religious Council member or find another Casus Belli. It is a beneficial Casus Belli as it can save you time and gold in getting a Fabricated Claim, but it is a more expensive option in terms of Declaring War and the Prestige cost. It will put you back 350 Prestige if the target’s Title rank is Count or 750 Prestige if the target’s Title rank is higher than Count.