Crusader Kings III Gameplay and Previews

What will Crusader Kings III be like? How is it different than Crusader Kings II. How have the graphics improved? What new mechanics will we get?

As we await the September 1 Crusader Kings III release to find the answers to these questions ourselves, CK3 Guides has compiled a list of all gameplay videos in one place so you can see the game yourself. We’ll add to it as more Crusader Kings III gameplay footage becomes available.

Paradox Interactive

The Crusader Kings III creator, Paradox, showed off some footage after a bit of studio show conversation. This video is different from the others because you get in-person analysis of the gameplay. That analysis comes from the perspective of the game developers and designers as well, which gives us different insight than that from a player.

In the video we get to see how to arrange a marriage, character skills, lifestyle choices, scheming, and more.

Rock Paper Shotgun

RPS played the game for a preview story, then shared some gameplay video overlayed over conversation about the game itself. Rather than walking through actual game mechanics like Paradox did, this is more about overall impressions of the game and what it’s like.

This gameplay video will be more useful to a novice Crusader Kings III player, but it still will get more experienced players amped up to play.


This video shares early gameplay from Ireland, which is a familiar setting for most Crusader Kings III players. The narrator is an experienced CK3 player and really helps to show some of the new mechanics and where they differ from previous iterations of the game.

Watch to learn about the suggestions, how to declare war, how to raise troops, dynamic events, and more.


The narrator covers plenty in this video, including the strengths of the tutorial and instructions of the game, which will make it far easier for new players.

He also showed updates to battles, the addition of knights as characters, updates to religions, and the improved RPG elements to the game.

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